why do we dream?

Dreams are an ancient messenger of Wild Nature

Like nature, dreams are honest.
though at times they seem like elusive riddles
that haunt us
dreams are a benevolent and feral guide showing us how to be with
the outrageous mystery of living on this planet.

Have you ever had a dream that came true in your waking life, or
a nightmare that snapped you out of something you forgot?

human beings have carried dreams as sacred and practical artifacts
reaching back into ancient times.
we can have a dynamic relationship with our dreams that informs
how we live, how we choose, how we heal 

What would it feel like for you to map the sacred territory
of your dreams?

What would happen to culture if we did this?
In a session together:
we will explore the unique ecology of your dreams
expand (gently) your capacity to take heed to the feral wisdom that your dreams are offering you
rather than leaning on generic and standardized symbolism we will learn together what they mean for you

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