foa  kinfyre (they/she)

is a polydevotional artist, ceremonialist, mother of sola fèth, dream tracker, intuitive musician, soup doula and somatic educator in the feldenkrais method

they are credentialed and certified by the feldenkrais guild of north america and the institute for the study of somatic education in san francisco

their teachers in the work include julie casson-rubin, paul rubin, alan questel, ken robins (somatic experiencing) and patrick douce

bonnie bainbridge-cohen’s school for body-mind centering and amy cooper of the mt. shasta yoga institute both move like lymph inside of their teaching and guidework

under mentorship with matthew cochran of raven dream tracking, foa has been practicing the art of listening to dreams and following their lead for 12 years

foa has been living with disability/chronic pain for nearly 30 years. they welcome their disability as an ancestor revealing the (co)liberation that is possible when epigenetic pathways are kept and cared for as holy

apprenticing the more-than-human world, bowing to the wisdom of nature, indigenous principles of deep reciprocity and following the lead of abolitionist pathfinders lives as a taproot to their praxis 

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